Apr 122010

phewAnd this is only the beginning.  Tom Swift and his Motor-Cycle has been adapted, on paper at least, and has now been sent to the director for final revisions. Yet true blue fans beware, there have been some subtle changes. Tom is still the earnest young inventor with an intrepid sense of adventure, but I’ve tweaked a few other characters, freshening them up a little bit to better fit in our modern age.

As for the Swifties, there are a few scattered here and there in the narration, but since they were mostly used to describe dialogue, they became annoyingly obvious recaps, clearly reprising the same material, and therefore irritatingly repetitious and vexingly prolix. Or at least I frequently thought so.

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Apr 112010

headphones Hooray! The new equipment is in! We’re one step closer to being professionals… Except for that not making money thing.

Regardless, we have the new headphones, headphone amplifier & distributor, and microphones and stands. So the ratio of actors to mics has been reduced. Somewhat. There may be some sharing, but actors are cool about personal space.


stands and mics

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Apr 112010

I hate my voice, I really do. It’s low and yet still screechy. It hurts my delicate auditory nerves and offends my refined sense of sound.  But who else is going to help test the equipment?

raccooneyes3 The raccoons? Hmmm… A possibility. They are practically roommates. Let them sing for their supper. Those worthless, deadbeat loafers.

But I digress… So far, everything works. I mean there are lights and sounds. Bars move up and down on the screen. A good sign, I think. Now we just have to work on all that, well, other stuff like: sound levels,  tracks, layering, and a bunch of gobbly-gook I don’t understand.

But hey, I’m a writer, not an engineer. I’m giving it all she’s got.

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