Apr 112010

I hate my voice, I really do. It’s low and yet still screechy. It hurts my delicate auditory nerves and offends my refined sense of sound.  But who else is going to help test the equipment?

raccooneyes3 The raccoons? Hmmm… A possibility. They are practically roommates. Let them sing for their supper. Those worthless, deadbeat loafers.

But I digress… So far, everything works. I mean there are lights and sounds. Bars move up and down on the screen. A good sign, I think. Now we just have to work on all that, well, other stuff like: sound levels,  tracks, layering, and a bunch of gobbly-gook I don’t understand.

But hey, I’m a writer, not an engineer. I’m giving it all she’s got.

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 Posted by at 5:55 pm