Oct 152010

We recently put some audio and video preview clips online, but we’ve been so busy finishing up production on Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, and preparing for the next two Tom Swift audio dramas, that we forgot to post about the previews!

So belatedly, here you go…

You can find the audio clips here on the SPS site, on The Good Stuff page. The most recent is Sneak Audio Peek #2: Tom’s Encounter in the Rain (Why is it #2, instead of the first or last clip? Well, we’ve been working so hard the past few weeks that we’ve abandoned such trivial concepts as logical order and linearity).

Videos from rehearsals are on our YouTube Channel. The Cow Clip is the sort of thing that happens when you keep actors up way past their bedtimes. But at least we made sure that everyone had warm feet.


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