Jun 242010

Studio Sound Treatment

Blink if you want to enter. Cool huh? It’s like a scene from 1001 Arabian Nights: the sumptuous fabrics, the gold fixtures, the dozen intricately hand-woven rugs, and the soft pillows beckoning you to sink into their  lush depths. I can just imagine Scheherazade begging for her life from Shahryar … That is if they lived in a refrigerator box near the dumpster behind the Best Buy.

So this is the recording studio. After a few expensive modification of our basement. Thank goodness it’s summer because we’re using every blanket we own to break up the echo. And almost every extra towel. However, empty linen closet aside (actually it’s more of a cheap cotton closet), what we recorded was pure gold. The actors were awesome! And the sound is great considering the humble surroundings. I think the key for breaking up the sound waves was the Moo slippers in the back.

Now to editing Tom Swift and his Motorcycle. But we’re getting closer and closer. Step by step…

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Jun 242010

_MG_5342 color




We have just finished recording

Tom Swift and his Motor-cycle!




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It was fantastic!

The actors all gave amazing performances. Especially considering the long hours! Being that we’re located in the boonies, the trek from the city to country was long, and with everyone’s busy schedule and our desire to have it sound live, like a radio play, we only had a couple days to record. So we pushed deep into the night.



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But the story really came to life! As the adaptor of the novel, I know the story inside and out, yet I listened with bated breath, anxious as Tom Swift battled the villains and foiled their evil plot! I was completely enthralled! Now just to tweak and edit, put in sound effects, and compose music. But no pressure.




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Apr 122010

phewAnd this is only the beginning.  Tom Swift and his Motor-Cycle has been adapted, on paper at least, and has now been sent to the director for final revisions. Yet true blue fans beware, there have been some subtle changes. Tom is still the earnest young inventor with an intrepid sense of adventure, but I’ve tweaked a few other characters, freshening them up a little bit to better fit in our modern age.

As for the Swifties, there are a few scattered here and there in the narration, but since they were mostly used to describe dialogue, they became annoyingly obvious recaps, clearly reprising the same material, and therefore irritatingly repetitious and vexingly prolix. Or at least I frequently thought so.

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