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This is what you’re really looking for… Sneak Peaks. Everything else—the  content—is just a bunch of blah, blah, Tom Swift, blah. You want to get the information and get out. No dilly-dallying. No pillow talk.  Just business. And it had better be good!

Well it is. So rest assured.

_MG_5337 b&w Tom Swift and his Motorcycle:

Sneak Audio Peek #1: Tom Races for Help

Sneak Audio Peek #2: Tom’s Encounter in the Rain

Sneak Audio Peek #3: Merton’s Machine Shop

Sneak Audio Peek #4: Eradicate Can’t Saw

Sneak Audio Peek #5: Andy Foger is a Snot!

Sneak Audio Peek #6: Happy Harry Talks to Tom

Also, for those geeks that like to see the before, before time; we have some video clips of the first night of rehearsal. Notice we’re sans sound proofing — the walls are unadorned. Plus compare the sound quality and pacing to the audio clips. That’s what all the slicing and dicing was all about!


Mr. Damon almost climbs a tree with his motor-cycle outside the Swift house. After Tom and Barton Swift run to his aid, a dazed Mr. Damon declares to have nothing more with motor-cycles!

Compare the Video with the Audio
Tom Races for Help!




Andy Foger’s near miss. With malicious intent, Andy tries to scare Tom off the road with his new automobile and almost hits him instead.

Compare the Video with the Audio
Andy Foger’s a Snot!



If that’s not enough, there are more sights to see!

Watch the actors warm up for their many roles:

Chris Warloe, Mary Douglass, Matt Parker, Geoffrey Zimmerman and John Piotrowski!

Learn what harsh tasks masters we are at Sump Pump Studios:

Barton has to – take a little break. Right now. See for yourself.

Keeping fresh milk at hand, is crucial for success!

Cows come home. An interview with the extras.

And for the true blue fans of Tom Swift, here is another clips from the first night of rehearsal:

Mr. Swift needs a favor from Tom. He asks his son to pick up some new parts in town, but he warns the young inventor to be careful. There are some unscrupulous men after his latest invention!

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