Tom Swift


mcycle A cult classic adventure series for boys!

Written in 1910, Tom Swift novels are among the first serial adventure stories written for boys, and blazed the trail for other novel series like Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Tom Swift, young inventor,  has inspired generations of boys to dream big. Many of the technologies we take for granted today, such as  radio “phones”, portable movie cameras and even rocket ships were imagined as marvelous inventions in the pages of Tom Swift novels long before they existed in the real world. His science reflected the burgeoning change of an industrial society transitioning into a technical era. His advances are almost quaint in comparison to how we live now, but they represent the creative thinking that has brought us to the machine age we live in today. Tom Swift inspired young boys to become writers, scientist and inventors of things like TASERs – “Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle”.

And of course there is adventure. Evildoers lurk around small town America, using Tom’s technology for their wicked schemes. But smart and resourceful, plus good with his fists, Tom always uncovers the villains, saves the day, and usually adds a new machine to his collection.

At Sump Pump Sound Studios, we’re dusting off these cult classic novels with some modern sensibilities, while hopefully keeping the charm intact. Part audio book and part play, the first novel, Tom Swift And His Motor-Cycle, will be available soon!

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