Tom Swift And His Motorcycle


Or Fun And Adventure On The Road! Is where we first meet the young inventor, Tom Swift.

A young man, already responsible for a few patents of his own, Tom inherited his love for machinery from his widowed father, the wealthy inventor Barton Swift. After he graduated from the local academy, he decided to stay home and be mentored by his father. It was a quiet life, but the situation suited the lad, allowing him the time to do what he loved: invent.

But life is about to surprise the Swift household. A motorcycle, out of control, smashes into a tree out front. Dazed, but unhurt, Mr. Damon swears off motorcycling and sells the bike to a very pleased Tom, who until that moment, had not realized he had wanted such a machine.

After repairing and making some improvements on the bike, Tom rides around the country roads, elated, thinking what a great summer this will be!

Then unscrupulous patent thieves steal his father’s newest invention. Suddenly Tom finds himself dangerously embroiled with burglars, con-men, ruffians and lawyers — his very life is in peril!

However, Tom — Swift by name and swift by nature — is not going to let these hooligans steal from his father! But how Tom becomes our Hero, you’ll just have to listen to find out.

Okay, Okay, twist our arms.  Here is a little sneak peek. But we’re not telling you the ending. Our lips are sealed,  or in the case of blogging, our fingers are tied.

Sneak Peek #1: Tom races for help

Sneak Peek #2: Tom’s Encounter in the Rain

Sneak Peek #3: Merton’s Machine Shop

Sneak Peek #4: Eradicate Can’t Saw

Sneak Peek #5: Andy Foger is a Snot!

Sneak Peek #6: Happy Harry Talks to Tom

Cast 1000 x 648 B&W

Starring the remarkable voice talents of Matthew Parker, John Piotrowski, Geoffrey Zimmerman, Mary Douglass and Christopher B. B. Warloe!  And behind the scenes, not pictured of course (it’s for the best, really), MJ Fellows, writer of the adaptation, and Eric Schreiber the composer and sound engineer.

Who plays who?

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